RossaSpina Chi Siamo



"Rossaspina" : Tango dresses to enhance femininity and dance with comfort. Since 2010, our Tango dresses' line has joined the renowned brand "Tangolera Shoes" on the market. RossaSpina's "Tanguera" collection is lively, youthful and colourful, light clothes, perfectly matchable with Tangolera's shoes or suitable for any occasion even outside Tango.


We pride ourselves on creating quality, comfortable and unique clothing. We don't mass-produce clothes, but we always use new fabrics and colors to constantly offer novelties to our customers who want to maintain their uniqueness and truly feel "Seductive"!


The design of the RossaSpina products is curated by Fabiana, creator of the line of tango dresses and specialized in the attention to details during the production of high fashion garments. Discover our collection of unique fabrics and patterns. Try a RossaSpina's dress and you will forever love the wonderful sense of feeling good in a dress!