When the courier (SDA / GLS) delivers the package you will need to verify:
That the package is intact, not damaged or wet and in any case conforms to the standard characteristics of a package That the number of packages (number of packages) indicated on the transport document corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered.
Any disputes must be raised immediately to the carrier, in the absence of these the product is considered delivered correctly.

How to behave in case of damage due to transport If the unloading of the goods results in damage to the packaging, it is necessary to: Express a specific reservation: the package is accepted but before signing the document you will have to write I accept with reserve SPECIFYING THE REASON OF THE RESERVE, ex. "punched packaging", "packaging with dent on the right side ...", etc.

It will be possible, once the package has been opened and any damage found, to be compensated for the damage suffered.
Reject damaged goods if it is not possible to accept the package with reserve or if the damage is still visible without having to open the package