Woman and Tango


In the tango the woman makes a path that sees her transformed. He does not just learn the steps, but he knows herself, and work on the body can become a path of awareness. She begins to face her shyness.

It is not by chance that he first confronts the embarrassment of the intimacy that the embrace of tango produces at least in the beginning. Of course, it is not easy for a common person to share the restricted space that the embrace delimits, placing it naked, because he unconsciously makes him count with his ability to relate to each other, but also with herself and his body ...

For today's woman, so used to struggling for autonomy, so accustomed to doing alone, it is difficult to allow her to close the eyes to be led by the man, who has the task of choosing the direction and the steps to be taken . Yet through the tango you can recover confidence in your feel, appreciate the pleasure of masculine appreciation and express all the sensitivity that characterizes it. In fact, the woman is protagonist with the man.


We have to think that tango is the result of a shared project, in which two people create a third entity called a couple and nourishing the character of both. The woman is not passive, as many think, convinced that she is a danzamacha or maschilist. She represents the jewel that makes the couple beautiful, while the man works to show it and earns it in return for satisfaction and nourishment. In performing their dance, the two dancers contribute equally to the value of the different roles they play. The tango highlights the value of diversity. But suddenly there is a passage ...

Everything begins when you realize that she's in the tango is like the moon. It makes silver that thin wire that is called connection, transforms into magic that light that collects from man, making it become a silent king. Because if a man has a responsibility to accompany and protect a woman, she has the role of feeling and delicately transmuting that input into Beauty, trusting her partner, honoring her energy and interpreting her message so that it looks nice even in the eyes of those who look.

 According to the etiquette of this relationship called tango, the conscious woman does not choose, but favors the choice, induces it subtly, showing itself to the best of herself and giving unconditionally her good energy. It means a language that does not use words, rather behaviors and looks. Tangier understands it since his first experience in milonga, when he decides to expose himself, deciding to sit at a table waiting for an invitation. That's right, she would dream ... but tango, like life, is made of thousands of shades and lives, of disastrous encounters, mild flavor, or enchanting.


Tangue in other words is a brave creature. She accepts her vulnerabilities and turns her into resources, sitting on that chair and accepting in style that during an evening can be invited or not, will dance or not. Learn to appreciate being, listening to music and conversing, interpreting the social dimension of the tango and above all working to understand that the possibility of missed invitations is not personal, but the result of a complexity of factors, not least the a man's fragility often hides infinite facets. At the time of the dance? Woman is a lady when she learns finer art. Listening.

In listening tango means listening to music and its real message, since not everyone is dancing in the same way. It means to really feel the partner, accepting his personality and working to create a pleasant meeting that comes to mind. It means above all to take care of yourself, not in an egoistic way, but in order to be able to manage it, make the balance of one's body start first by knowing deeply, by respecting one's own needs, by admitting its own limitations as well as its own riches. Be it without restraint or anxiety.

Understanding that your own beauty resides in the gentleness of your behaviors and in the elegance of your feet. Making others feel comfortable, but also knowingly say 'no'. The lady of the tango does not go down to compromise, looks for a meeting point. It does not show itself exaggerated. Enjoy the atmosphere, get pleasure from the soul, offer its quality.

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